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  Opened in upstate New York by the Mehlenbacher family in 1980. Mehlenbacher’s Taffy has a long tradition of making delicious taffy the old-fashioned way. We use simple, high-quality ingredients like grade-AA butter and pure cane sugar to produce a gluten-free artisan taffy. Our taffy is hand-crafted in small batches using methods that have been practiced for over 100 years.
Once you taste the difference between our taffy and the mass-produced candies, you’ll want to “stick with us”!


Best taffy I have ever had. Knowing it is locally handmade just makes it even better. ♡♡♡♡

~ Shaunna Nordström

Just received our samples to try and excellent taffy! We have a country rustic gift shop and I think we may be carrying them in our shop! Love the packaging too!
Sandy Smith Hanft

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